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Gargantucast - A Kaiju Movie Podcast

Nov 30, 2020

This week on Gargantucast hosts Chris McDonald and Cole Grisson conclude celebrating Gamera's 55th anniversary by revisiting the first entry of the Heisei Gamera Trilogy - Gamera: Guardian of the Universe. Together they discuss the difficulties of modernizing Gamera and the challenges of making a proper reboot.


Nov 16, 2020

This week on Gargantucast, hosts Chris McDonald and Cole Grisson celebrate Gamera's 55th anniversary by diving into his debut film - Gamera, The Giant Monster. Together they discuss how Gamera would become Godzilla's greatest cinematic rival and how Gamera would help launch the kaiju film boom of the 1960s.


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Oct 26, 2020

On this Halloween episode of Gargantucast, hosts Chris McDonald and Cole Grisson are joined by Something Ghoulish podcast producer and Of Gods and Monsters co-host Zack Sokol. Together they dive into the infamous so-bad-it's-good giant monster film The Giant Claw and discuss why the titular creature is one of the...

Oct 23, 2020

As a bonus episode for this week, here is an episode of our sister show Ghoulish Cast where Something Ghoulish correspondent Danielle Million speaks with illustrator and creative director Destinie Carbone, also known Kaiju-Hime. Destinie discusses her latest collaborative book titled Girls Who Love Monsters....

Oct 12, 2020

Gargantucast returns for its third season. In collaboration with All The Horror, hosts Chris McDonald and Cole Grisson are joined by Invasion of the Remake's Trish Cochlan. Together they dig their way with 1956's Rodan as they analyze the film's environmental themes and discuss how Rodan helped cement the kaiju...